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The Operating Room of the Future – Video regarding the pathbreaking work of InSightec
based in Tirat Carmel, Israel,

Chemo-Sensitivity Testing for Lung Cancer: Dr. Robert Nagourney & Ryan Kuper

While this video tells the fascinating story of a non small cell lung cancer patient, it applies with equal force to patients with any solid tumor. It underscores the complexity of cancer and how even the best laboratory data can fall short of what is needed for truly proactive cancer case management. Analysis of specialty laboratory findings needs to be coupled with therapeutic experience and creative insights drawn from a multiplicity of sources, along with the skills of a detective, to come up with the best treatment plan for a particular cancer patient. Robert A. Nagourney, MD is a brilliant medical oncologist whose pioneering work is captured in Outliving Cancer: The Better, Smarter Way to Treat Your Cancer, available on Amazon here. This book should be required reading of all cancer patients. We are proud of the fact that Dr. Nagourney recommended ICAN’s cancer patient advocacy services and singled them out among cancer organizations.