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From the moment that Amanda was born until the day that she went to be with the Lord just prior to her 13th Birthday, she constantly displayed an aura of joy. Her smile would always melt my heart. As a baby, she would do this unique laugh that would reverberate in her throat, similar to what Woody Woodpecker did. I am so glad I have that memory on video. Considering how much school Amanda missed in her last 3 ½ years, she was incredibly intelligent; she breezed through the school tests. She amazed me with her level of knowledge on current events. She was also very artistic, drawing interesting caricatures on her IPad. Amanda had a passion for building things; especially complex Lego sets. In her bedroom are all of the Star Wars, Toy Story, SpongeBob and Transformers sets she built. She loved going to Home Depot to find interesting projects to build. Amanda loved her Build-A-Bears; she has 18 of them and knows them by name. Amanda also loved sports, and would watch the Diamondbacks, Cardinals, and Suns on television with me. She also loved to target shoot, both air guns and archery. We spent quality time seeing all the latest children’s movies at the theater, and most of the Disney and Nickelodeon shows on TV. Her life on earth enhanced everyone around her; especially me, her father.
-- Len Gavin (Amanda Hope’s father)


I had the pleasure of teaching Amanda in fifth and seventh grade at Madison Meadows. Amanda certainly lit up the classroom and had a passion for learning and excelled at anything she did. My favorite memory of Amanda was seeing her at Camp Friendly Pines in fifth grade with her wonderful mother, Lorraine. She loved being active and being in the camp atmosphere. Academically, Amanda was an excelling student. She never failed to make up any work she missed and had a love for learning. Even though she had to miss a lot of school she never failed to pull off an “A” due to her hard work and natural intelligence. Amanda was smart, beautiful, and a great student and friend. Every child at Meadows loved Amanda and cared so deeply for her. Not everyone has a true best friend in their life and Amanda and Isabella were the best friends to each other I have ever seen. I feel so lucky to have had Amanda as a student. Watching her grow and learn while at Meadows was a blessing for me and everyone that was honored to get to know her. I have been inspired by her and miss her so much.

-- Amy Bondeson
    Amanda’s teacher


As Amanda’s principal for nearly three years, I can attest to her indomitable spirit, humor, intelligence, and courage. She was a joy to know who touched many people in her too short life. Amanda was a beautiful person from a beautiful family. She is missed.

-- Susan Doyle, Principal
    Madison Meadows Middle School

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