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Here are some ways you can help!

There are many ways to get involved and contribute your time and energy to ICAN.


VolunteerMatch   internships.com
ICAN lists currently open volunteer positions on VolunteerMatch.com. Most of them are virtual positions, enabling volunteers to contribute from anywhere in the world.   ICAN works with internships.com to connect with students interested in learning about the cutting edge of cancer research. Opportunities are available in the areas of web based research, database maintenance, event coordination, and more.


Read what others have written about volunteering for ICAN.

The time and talent of our volunteers is our most valuable asset!
Please direct any questions you may have about volunteering to volunteer@askican.org.

ICAN is a global volunteer network of more than 1100 volunteers in 30 areas.   We rely on major volunteer search engines as well as our own recruiting efforts.

Here are the areas we need support in. Please email us only if you have experience and/or talent in these areas.
You may contact volunteer@askican.org to get involved!

Enhancing ICAN Revenues to Support our Patient Programs
Expanding our Research Services teams to Support our Patient Programs and Professional Councils
Joining our Human Resources Leadership which helps manage hundreds of volunteers
Joining our Professional Councils to Support our Personalized Medicine Cancer Case Navigation Programs
Joining Our Leadership
Expanding our Events and Infrastructure Teams

ICAN always needs these significant in-kind and volunteer service donations:

Expanding our Clerical and Database Teams

If you have skills in any of the following, we would love to hear from you.

Expanding our Legislative and Grassroots Efforts to Enhance our Patient Services Nationwide
Joining our Media Team
Experienced Graphic Designers and Web Developers, working with our ace teams!
Computer Programers and Mobile App Developers

ICAN also has a variety of internships available, from clerical support services to marketing to research.
Join our exciting cancer organization!

Intern and Fellosship Intern Premed Intern Premed Intern Program Intern Pharma
Special Internships
and Fellowships
High Scool Students
Intern Program
Intern Program
Doctoral/Post Doc
Intern Program
Intern Program

Any questions about our Volunteer Programs? If you need an internship for academic purposes, we would love to have a relationship with your high school, college, graduate program, medical school, nursing school, or medical center. Please write us at interns@askican.org.


If you need Community Service hours, we work with municipal and court personnel across the country. Please talk to your probation officer and ask if they will approve your work with ICAN. For community service volunteers, please email us at communityservice@askican.org.