Trash and Treasure

Vaseo Apartments & the International Cancer Advocacy Network
are proud to announce…

ICAN's Charity Garage Sale

With your support, you will be helping ICAN expand its
Patient Program Services to meet nationwide demand!

"One person’s trash is another person's treasure"

If you are willing to host a Garage Sale at your home, please call ICAN at 602-618-0183, and our Chairman Shirley Rodriguez and Co-Chairman Brion Hartwig will be delighted to speak with you and coordinate plans.


yard salePlease donate everything except computer monitors!



Call Shirley at 480-246-7090 to volunteer at the Sale.
Call Brion at 602-478-7890 if you can drive and pick up donated furniture with your truck or van.
Call Brion at 602-478-7890 if you need us to pick up your furniture and other items.
Call ICAN at 602-618-0183 ( to learn about volunteer research opportunities.

Shirley Rodriguez
Chairman, Trash and Treasure Sales, ICAN

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Call to Volunteer at these FUN SALES: 480-246-7090 or email

Call for general information regarding ICAN: 602-618-0183 or


i-canWe also need your help getting an "I-CAN" positioned in your favorite grocery store, bank, doctor's office, post office, or any business that might take it. I-CANS are plastic cans that collect change and paper money! Every little bit helps in this devastating economy for nonprofits.

All the best, and talk to you soon.

Marcia Horn at ICAN 602-618-0183





What Items We Won't Take for Trash and Treasure Sales...

Seller, beware: Feds cracking down on garage sales