Robert H. Tamis, M.D.

Robert Tamis was born in New York City, educated at Duke University (elected to Sigma Xi, the national research society for his genetic research on the Fused Gene in the house mouse), received his medical education at NYU College of Medicine (President of the student body), did his internship at Bellevue Hospital in New York, and took his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the New York Einstein College of Medicine. He came to Fort Huachuca, Arizona for two years of Army duty.

Dr. Tamis entered private practice in Phoenix, Arizona in 1963, continuing until retirement in 2005.  During those 42 years he not only had a very busy practice, his civic responsibilities found him on the boards of directors of multiple charities.  He taught and chaired the Southwest School for Medical Assistants, and he was Chairman of obstetrics and gynecology at two Phoenix hospitals.

Dr. Tamis was the first in the United States to develop innovative videotaping of obstetrical procedures which in turn led to changes that ended the restrictions prohibiting fathers in both the delivery room and operating rooms in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 1984, Dr. Tamis developed Arizona’s first successful In Vitro Fertilization program resulting in Arizona’s first “test-tube” baby in November of that year, and his facility was the first In Vitro Fertilization facility in Arizona to be recognized by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology.  He has authored numerous papers on obstetrics and In Vitro Fertilization, and has lectured nationally on medical issues, especially misdiagnosis in medicine and proper treatment of gynecological cancers. 

Since 2001 Dr. Tamis has chaired the International Physicians Advisory Council (IPAC) of the International Cancer Advocacy Network.  Through his work with ICAN, he saw the inefficiency of the present clinical trial recruitment process.  Noting the failure of a previous attempt to modify the system to improve patient access to clinical trials, Dr. Tamis totally revamped the present archaic procedures to an innovative and revolutionary method of matching patients to clinical trials, resulting in the revolutionary Remission Coach® which ICAN hopes to launch in the near future.
IPAC was formed soon after the creation of ICAN as both an information resource as well as a source of referrals for those patients seeking second opinions.  Membership in IPAC is graced by some of the leading oncologic physicians throughout the world, encompassing all subspecialties in cancer treatment and molecular biology.

Personally touched by cancer, Dr. Tamis lost his wife, Beverlee, in 2012, after a long struggle with primary peritoneal carcinoma. His eldest daughter, Wendy, is a 12-year survivor of ovarian cancer. Spending precious time as father and grandfather to the five children and eleven grandchildren in his blended family of 29 years, Bob also enjoys—in addition to devoting many volunteer hours to IPAC and ICAN’s health information technology initiatives—traveling, designing and manufacturing jewelry, creating innovative photography, and painting with glass on glass, for which he has secured several commissioned works.


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