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The Uri Harel Therapeutic Arts Program

Uri Harel On Tuesday, March 27, 2012, ICAN lost a beloved friend and ardent supporter, Uri Harel, to metastatic pancreatic cancer. Uri served as the Chairman of the Patients Council and was a ten year member of the ICAN Board. It was his fondest wish that his work with the therapeutic arts, music and art, be his legacy. To that end, ICAN is in the process of establishing The Uri Harel Therapeutic Arts Program.

Uri was a man of great intellect with a wide range of passions and talents. He was actively involved in the arts communities in Israel and in Phoenix and founded the Center for Biblical Hebrew in Phoenix. During the last fifteen years of his life, Uri devoted his energies to exploring the ancient Hebrew traditions related to the mysteries of the Hebrew letters and the powers attributed to them. He put that research to work when he began "translating" the Hebrew letters of the biblical text into their equivalent musical tones. He called this captivatingly beautiful music, "Music from God."

People from all backgrounds and religious beliefs overwhelmingly welcomed Uri's first Music from God CD, offered in limited release in 1998. Many listeners reported that the music had a profound healing effect on them, and offered unsolicited testimonials. Both long-standing Jewish tradition and universal human experience affirmed the mental and psychological benefits of the biblical Psalms.

In mid-2002, Uri began a collaboration with well-known composer Gardner Cole, violinist J'Anna Jacoby, and guitarist Gal Drimmer, among others, to bring to light new music from the Hebrew Bible.

ICAN's Uri Harel Therapeutic Arts Program will sponsor a special Open House in March, 2013 to commemorate the first anniversary of Uri's death and to celebrate his tremendous legacy.

If you would like to volunteer to be part of this important new program or if you wish to make a tax-deductible contribution, please email ICAN CEO Marcia K. Horn at marcia@askican.org or phone her at 602.618.0183. Donations may also be mailed to: The Uri Harel Therapeutic Arts Program at ICAN, 27 West Morten Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85021.


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The Uri Harel Therapeutic Arts Program
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The Uri Harel Therapeutic Arts Program
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