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The Andy Hurwitz Guiding Light Program
is a vital part of ICAN's Cancer Patient Advocacy and Clinical Trials Advocacy Programs.

To all Andy’s wonderful friends, family and many other members of the “Magical Andy Love Network”. 
I would like to honor Andy’s name and memory by setting up the “The Andy Hurwitz Guiding Light” program through a cancer advocacy and support network. I am asking each of you to consider making a small donation towards ICAN in Andy’s name to perpetuate a service that provided us amazing support during her 5 year heroic battle. ICAN is run by Marcia Horn who is a phenomenal personal cancer guru that spent countless hours guiding us through the complex medical maze, while being personally invested and amazingly kind and compassionate.

Jeremy Hurwitz
November 2014

ICAN worked with Andy and Jeremy during the course of Andy's journey with cancer.  Andy's battle represents the paragon ICAN patient:  creative, proactive, and engaged in every treatment issue, with an unrelenting focus on life and quality of life--emphasizing empowered, shared decision-making with her spouse and every member of her oncology team.  The patient advocates at ICAN salute Jeremy for his utter devotion to Andy and for never for one minute losing his laser-lens focus in dealing with and resolving the many challenging issues that confronted their team of oncologists and other specialists. Andy and Jeremy did everything right, utilizing the best of surgical oncology, medical oncology, interventional radiology, and state-of-the-art tumor profiling.  They evaluated clinical trials and compassionate use options as well. Andy's bravery, optimism, and tenacity were much admired by everyone on her team, and she will always represent to us at ICAN a scintillating guiding light for those who are in the battle for their lives.

Marcia Horn,


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