ICAN - International Cancer Advocacy Network

Scientific Advisory Council Biomarkers Council Events Legislative Issues Leadership Volunteers Patients Kudos and Awards Experienced, creative, and tenacious direct patient navigation and information services with the goal of extending life with the highest achievable quality of life.

ICAN has a small staff and over 1100 volunteers in 30 areas of ICAN, with our volunteer leadership representing 17 different time zones. We literally work around the clock focusing on our Personalized Medicine Cancer Case Navigation Programs, health information technology issues, and research initiatives.

We aim to provide you with the best patient advocates and the most effective cancer patient advocacy in the business, and to extend your life with high quality of life.

ICAN advocates only for you--the patient--or for the patient's spouse or family member who wants to manage with us the details of their loved one's cancer case.

We are beholden to no one – no oncology practice, no medical center, no clinical trial, and no biotech or pharmaceutical company.

Your case is unique, and in our many years of nonstop advocacy services, we've never seen two patient cases remotely similar to the other.

ICAN empowers you to navigate rapidly expanding diagnostic and personalized treatment options. This information will assist you in informed discussions with family and providers.

We never, ever compromise patient privacy (zealous implementers of HIPAA!), disclose your name or any identifying information, or exploit your case for fundraising purposes.

Read more about ICAN's methods and goals.

Learn more about ICAN's specific cancer programs.

Because of huge patient demand for ICAN's Personalized Medicine Cancer Case Navigation Programs, please understand that many of our Programs in solid tumors and blood cancers are temporarily on Wait List status.

Your cooperation in emailing us a detailed description of the potential case, as well as all looming deadlines/dates of imaging and oncology appointments, will help triage more effectively. Thanks for your cooperation!