2008 Funding Feasibility Report

Summary of Specific Findings in Support of $25 Million ICAN Campaign Goal for Enhanced Patient Program Services

The recently conducted feasibility review and donor research to determine the overall feasibility of a planned major gift campaign for the International Cancer Advocacy Network (ICAN) was highly positive in terms of expectancies and outcomes in six of eight key statistical groupings:

The expectation that both ICAN senior staff and Board leadership will successfully inaugurate and complete a major gifts campaign and will provide programs and services to cancer patients and their families (in the context of a tightly defined purview) was very well received by respondents. The variety, uniqueness, and ProgramServices options inherent in the fund development initiatives for ICAN created a high level of appeal for individual donors, family foundations, and trustees.

The concept of the ICAN campaign was also highly appealing to regional and national private foundations and individual donors, as it offers a variety of funding opportunities at the national and international level. Respondents expressed a high degree of support for the mission of ICAN, the formation of the campaign, and the uniqueness of the vision. They also expressed an overall confidence in the prospect for success and envisioned a positive outcome for the campaign based on documentation of the following criteria: