Board and Council Responsibilities

Board of Trustees

Executive Committee/Board of Directors

National Board of Advisors

Nurses Advisory Council (in formation)

Patients Council

Pharmaceutical Advisory Council (in formation)

Scientific Advisory Council

Friends of ICAN/Support groups in Arizona/California/Colorado/New Mexico/Utah/Florida

ICAN is currently recruiting for:

  • Pharmaceutical Advisory Council
  • Biotech Advisory Council
  • Biomarkers Council
  • International Physicians Advisory Council
  • Medicinal Chemistry Council
  • Molecular Biology Council
  • Nurses Advisory Council
  • Patients Council
  • Attorneys Council (to handle insurance disputes and employment termination cases for cancer cases)
  • Planned Giving Council
  • Naming Opportunities Council

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer on one of the above councils, please email us a letter delineating your interest, qualifications, and experience and please attach your CV. We appreciate your interest and will respond to you as soon as we can.