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ICAN has a small staff and more than 1100 volunteers in 30 areas. With our volunteer leadership representing 17 different time zones, we literally work around the clock, focusing on our Personalized Medicine Cancer Case Navigation Programs, health information technology issues, and research initiatives.

We aim to provide you with the best patient advocates and the most effective cancer patient advocacy in the business, and to extend your life with the highest quality of life.

ICAN advocates for youthe patient – or for the patient's spouse or family member who wants to manage the details of their loved one's cancer case with us.

We are beholden to no one – no oncology practice, no medical center, no clinical trial, and no biotech or pharmaceutical company.

Your case is unique and in our many years of non-stop advocacy services, we've never seen two patient cases remotely alike.

ICAN empowers you to navigate rapidly-expanding diagnostic and personalized treatment options. This information will assist you in informed discussions with family and providers.

We never, ever, compromise patient privacy (zealous implementers of HIPAA)! – We will not disclose your name or any identifying information, or exploit your case for fundraising purposes.

Are you Ready? Patient Empowerment is Here to Stay

(See page 30 of the April 2015 edition of DIA's Global Forum for this compelling article authored by ICAN's CEO and Eric Racine, Vice President, Global Patient Advocacy at Sanofi.
ICAN patients were an inspiration for this article.

What Patients Are Saying About ICAN's Patient Advocacy

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Remission Coach

Put the prospect of
finding the right clinical trial for the right patient
into the hands of Remission Coach®.

New Search Engine Aims to Revolutionize Clinical Trials Recruitment

ICAN's Impact on Personalized Medicine

Next-generation sequencing for
cancer drug development: the present
and visions for the future

Read the article by Scott M. Kahn, Ph.D.
Department of Urology, Columbia University, New York

This website provides information about ICAN's Personalized Medicine Cancer Case Navigation Programs, while it also describes ICAN's multi-faceted mission, unique vision, and respected values. Intended for use by the general public. This site also offers more in-depth information for target populations who may benefit from ICAN's Program Services such as ICAN patients, their caregivers and medical teams — along with those healthcare professionals and researchers who are involved with ICAN's medical and scientific councils.

Information contained on ICAN's website does not purport to be medical advice for cancer patients nor for the general population. ICAN—a patient advocacy and educational organization—strives to convey well-sourced general information and encourages the patient to consult with his/her medical team on all treatment issues.

Information contained herein is therefore not intended to substitute for or supersede any advice that a patient receives from his/her health professional and is not intended to compromise in any way the patient-physician relationship. ICAN strongly believes that all medical decisions need to be made, via shared decision-making, by the patient and his/her medical team.

The health news displayed on this site are chosen by our team of M.D.s, PhDs, and ICAN's President and CEO, who is an Affiliate Member of ASCO, the American Society of Clinical Oncology; AMP, the Association for Molecular Pathology; and AACR, the American Association for Cancer Research.

ICAN is a zealous implementer of HIPAA practices, meticulously keeping all patient and donor information strictly confidential. See Privacy Policy.

A note about ICAN's Diversity—Staff, Board, and our Global Volunteer Network.

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If you have questions about this site, please contact ICANwebmaster@askican.org. We will be happy to respond.